Friday, February 11, 2011

6 Years

Jack and i have now been married for 6 whole years! I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband, a best friend, and the best father for my children! He works so hard for our family and provides love and support to me every day. I Thank our Heavenly Father every day for blessing me with such a loving, caring man!

Christmas in Cedar

We headed down to Cedar City after we saw all the family and got to see all the family down there. I love that we get to see so many family members for Christmas...I just wish we could see all of them!
Charlie and Albert reading his new Goldbug book together.

All of Jacks siblings pitched in and got MaryJo this nice backpack to go hiking with.

Charlie LOVED playing in this box while we were there!

So much so that I got in and played with him....

...and so did Grandma Jo:)

However it tipped over at one point and he hit his poor little ear on the glass table and his ear swelled up and turned purple within seconds...poor little guy! It didn't stop him from playing in it later that day:)

Christmas Day

This was such a fun Christmas! Charlie was old enough to really understand it this year and it was so much fun watching him open his presents! Nick didn't really know what was going on but he sure was happy:)
Charlie and Nick about to open all their presents:)

Charlie got some dinosaurs.

Nick not really sure what to do with his present.

Jacks new jacket...always with a goofy face:)

Nick buried in all his loot!

Me and my sweet little boys:)

Nick with his Daddy.

Charlie got a sweet new bike from Santa Clause! He was so excited I love it!

After we all got ready we headed to my Moms to see all the family and have a yummy breakfast. Charlie, Me, Nick, Bryn, Maddie, Ashley, and Grandma Lucy.

This last picture is Charlie after his darling cousin Bryn put an entire bottle of lotion in his hair and hot pink lip gloss on his lips:) I was laughing so hard!

Better Late than Never...

Christmas Eve at my parents house was a blast as always. Aunt Jill and Jamie came, along with Grandma Lucy, and all my siblings with their families. We had yummy food and got to open a couple presents.
My Dad and Nick

Avery trying to open her present with her feet...she was such a crack up!

Aunt Jill and Nick.

My Mom and Dad helping Charlie open his present from Aunt Nat.

The kidos...Ellie is blocked by Bryn:)

Jamie, Nick and my sis Nick.