Thursday, January 29, 2009

A tribute to Grandma Ellie

Jack's Dad's Mom, Grandma Ellie, passed away this week and she will be greatly missed. She was always lots of fun and was sure to keep things lively! I had the pleasure of meeting her about a year ago and haven't been the same since:) We LOVE you Grandma Ellie!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chocolate cake and Jerr Bear!

So I got this really yummy recipe off of the "Sister's Cafe" blog and it turned out wonderful so I took a picture! I have never made a bunt cake before and I was excited it turned out so should all check out the blog it has way fun food ideas:) While I was making the cake Charlie and his new best friends Jerr Bear wrestled with each other...I think Charlie won! This was a great gift from our Uncle Jerry in Florida...THANKS Jerry he loves it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Tricks!

Our little Charlie is growing up so fast and is doing all kinds of fun new things! He has been rolling over for about two months now and he is also starting to scoot around. He sees something he wants and he does what I like to call the tuck n' scoot. He tucks his little head down and pushes off with his feet. It is amazing how fast the little guy can get around...I have to start baby proofing the house already! We also put him in the Johnny Jumper my sister gave us, the video we have is a little dark so I will put a picture on as well. It is so funny to watch him in it because he is still a little small for it and only one foot can reach the ground to bounce around with. Jack and I were cracking up because he loved it and he fingured out that if he leaned to one side he could get his toes to the ground and bounce...what a smartie pants! Enjoy the videos of our little cutie:)

P.S. The rolling over video took so long to get because all he wanted to do was stare at the camera that is why he has his neck cranked back so far looking at me before he rolled over...what a goofball:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

All snuggly!

The other night our wonderful neighbors the Koudelka's invited us over for dinner. It was this WONDERFUL dish that has shrimp, halibut, and crab all over rice. It was to die for! On the walk home after dinner Jack put Charlie in his coat to keep him EXTRA warm because it was EXTRA FREEZING COLD that night and I just had to take some pictures. It was so cute and the sweet little guy fell dead asleep:) I just LOVE my cute family and anytime you want to have us over for that yummy dinner again Koudleka's we are totally in:) (And yes that is our Christmas tree still up in the background! I just hate to take it down, but it will come down today people so no worries:))

Monday, January 5, 2009


Sorry it has taken me so long to post Christmas, but I have been lazy with the blogging and busy with other things...anyway this will probably have lots of pictures so prepare yourselves! We had Christmas at our house in the morning then headed to my parents for breakfast. We then saw both grandparents on my side and then we slept over at my parents Christmas night. The next day we headed to Cedar City to spend a few days with Jack's family. It was a crazy week, but we had so much fun!! We love spending time with family and are blessed so many live close enough to do so. We got so many fun things for Christmas and Charlie was spoiled rotten...he deserves to be too:) We love you all and missed all of you that we didn't get to spend time with over the holidays. Thanks to all those grandparents far away too that sent fun gifts! Enjoy the many, many pictures:) We let Charlie drive home because we were just too tired:)