Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ragnar 2011

Jack has done the Ragnar the last 2 years and has absolutely LOVED it! So this year I decided it would be fun to do it with him. We had a team of 12 people from our ward and the race goes 193 miles from Logan to Park City. We each run 3 legs and the miles vary. I ran about 15 total and Jack ran about 18-20 total I can't remember the exact mileage. We slept on the side of the road and in a church parking lot, hardly slept, and I ran with an injured knee the last leg, but it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done!! Thanks to all the fun people on my team and to my parents for watching my babies:) Here are a few pictures I have to get more from our friend Kristy who was in our van. Oh and our team name was the Stansbury Streakers.
This is the beloved Honey Bucket truck cleaning out the lovely toilets for us all:)

Kristy and Sean are some of the best friends we have here in our ward and it was so much fun doing this race with them they are AWESOME!

Jack running his heart out.

Jack again.

Jack and I getting ready to leave for our adventure....we are dorks I know:)

Jack wasn't quite sure what I meant when I said "smile for the camera".

Jack is a total stud and runs so hard! Sean was going over to check on him:)

We all got Ragnar Tattoo's in our packet and Jack of course decided a tramp stamp we be best...gotta love him!

Look at my HOT man!

I had a horrible headache the first day so yes I had a diet coke....this is probably one of the ugliest pictures of me, but Jack made me put it up:)

I was so tired I actually slept in the car, which is amazing for me cause I have a hard time sleeping in my cozy bed.

Me just being a dork.

Jack taking his turn driving.

Ryan getting excited about his last run.

Jack thought it would be a good idea to get a picture of my big behind...silly man.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nick's Birthday!

My baby turned 1 on June 10th! He is such a sweet blessing to our family and I love him more than words can express. He is walking all over the place, waving, clapping, gives really wet kisses, is super snuggly, signs the word more, gives high fives, and can hold his own in a wrestling match with his big brother and Dad. Here are some fun pictures from his birthday. We went to the zoo with my sis Nichole then had a little party and I was so happy with the turn out. We have such loving family and friends and we feel so very blessed for that. He is one loved little boy and I just can't believe he is one already!

This is the first picture I took when I walked into his room on the morning of his birthday....yes he is almost ALWAYS that happy:)