Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve with my Family!

We went to dinner at my parents house for Christmas Eve and it was so YUMMY! My grandparents were there, my brother, my big sister and her 3 girls, and the neighbors Jedd Sandy and their two girls came as well...the more the merrier I say! Here are some fun pictures. This first one is of Jack and little Hannah the neighbor girl, what a cutie!

This is my Grandma Zimmerman with Charlie bug and my Grandma and Grandpa Pierce.

My Mom, Grandpa Zimmerman, and Me:)

My brother Bret and Ellie going for a ride on The 4-wheeler.

Lindsi, Abbie, and Kaylie going for a ride behind the 4-wheeler.

Jack opening the present my niece's got for Charlie with their allowance. My Mom was holding him and he was dead asleep, but we still wanted him in the picture:)

Charlie finally woke up and loved his present...thanks girls!

Abbie holding Charlie. She loves him so much that she told me she wants him to be her brother and she named her baby doll after sweet.

Me and my Sweetheart!

OK last picture I swear! I decided it was time for Charlie to go for his first tube ride behind the 4-wheeler. We didn't even get two houses away and he fell dead asleep...I guess we were going too slow for the thrill seeker:)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

So for the past four years Jack and I have celebrated Christmas Eve Eve with our friends Will and Chelsey. When we moved into our apartment four years ago we became really good friends with the Tiptons and thought it would be fun to start a new yourself a present, wrap it up and surprise everyone with it that night, have a yummy dinner, and sleep over! This year it was at our house and it was so much fun! Here are some pictures.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Going Private

I think I am going private because the little map I put on here to show me where people are looking from freaked me out! People in Romania are looking at my blog....I do not know people in Romania!! So please give me your e-mail address in my comment box or e-mail it to me at (those are two zero's not the letter o) so I can add you to my list and you can still look at our blog. Hope you all have a very safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS! And I just have to add a picture to my baby is way too cute not to:)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party

Well we had our annual friend Christmas party this year and it turned out fun but short on people. The weather was terrible so not many people wanted to drive that far in dangerous conditions...I don't blame them, I wouldn't have come either. Anyway we had great fun with those that did come and we had everyone kiss under our mistletoe, so here are some of those that came. The first one is of me and Charlie bug, then Jack and I, then my brother and his fiance Ashley, Chris and Marissa, and Judd and Staci. We forgot to get Eric and Jes...sorry guys:( Thanks for coming and we missed those that couldn't make it.

Oh and we have the same theme every year...ugly sweaters or Christmas sweater so that explains the lovely attire. And I'm not entirely sure what Jack is doing with his body in our picture, but whatever...goofball!

Monday, December 8, 2008


So I got to start feeding Charlie the rice cereal because he is now 4 months old and I was really excited to see if he would like it. Well the first time I tried it alone and let me tell you it did not end well for either of us! He started out fully dressed as you can see he ended up...

...with one sock left, and covered in rice cereal! I had to change because I was also covered head to toe!

The next day Jack was home in the evening so I asked for his help and he more or less just took pictures and laughed at us both, take a look at our journey.

It ended with a nice warm bath to get all the cereal out of the cute neck rolls and hair. Good times, good times!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Months

Well Tuesday was my tiny guys 4 month appointment...that's right 4 months already! He was 24 1/2 in. long, 12 lbs. 14 oz. (still in the 10% for weight, but growing great!) and he got 5 more shots today! Now he may look happy in his picture with puncture wounds in both thighs, but that was not the case...especially yesterday. All night he kept doing the saddest little cry of pain from his legs and at 6 a.m. when I reached over to check on him he was burning up! He had a temp. of 102 and I was so worried I called Jack in to get a little moral support and someone to calm my nerves a bit. I was changing his diaper when Jack walked in and Charlie peed clear across the room all over Dad and Mom. We laughed and rushed to clean it off when he peed a second time getting the wall, diaper can, floor and Mom funny! I did all I could think of to get his temp down and finally got it down to 99 by the time he went to bed. He was a snuggle bunny all day and slept quite a bit which was nice, but just not my same happy little boy. Luckily today his temp is normal and he is acting like his happy self again! Man it's hard being tiny! Oh I want to thank my Mom for helping me with ways to make my tiny feel better.