Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 4th of July

This 4th of July we got to go to the Stadium of Fire with my whole family and some friends. We had so much fun and I finally got to see Brad Paisley in concert! I love his music and we all had a blast. Nick was so tired by the end though he slept through most of the fireworks...silly boy.

Girls Camp

This June I got to go to Girl's Camp and I was so glad Jack's sweet Mom could come out and watch the boys while I was gone. I am the Laurels advisor and was so excited to attend! We went from Tue. June 21st to Fri. June 24th. My birthday was on that Wed. and all the girls and leaders were so sweet and decorated my tent and made me a really cute birthday hat. The girls we have in our ward are amazing and they are such great examples to me. I missed my boys so much but I LOVED every min. of camp!
This is Janelle attacking her HUGE s'more!

Kristen, our fearless leader.

Some of my Laurels whom I LOVE to death! Lyndsie, Mandy, and Hannah.

Me and Megan, one of the other leaders who I became really great friends with at camp...she is so fun!

Me and Mandy

Emily and Megan. Em was the assistant camp director and she was amazing up there and really made camp fun!

Janelle and Shayla getting ready for our skit. The theme was "Princess, Daughters of a Heavenly King." We did a skit to the "Enchanted" song "How do you Know?" and Em just changed the words it was darling.

Me and Em.

Megan getting pumped for the skit!

Some of the girls hangin' out making bracelets.

This is my cute birthday hat they made for me:)

My very good friends Rachel and Megan. It was so fun to have two really good friends up at camp...we got really silly together and just had a ball!

Everyone made fun of my super sweet head lamp, but I know they were just secretly jealous!