Wednesday, October 12, 2011

14 Visitors

Jacks family came for a visit and as you can see we had a blast! Pretty sure after this trip uncle jack became the favorite:) I hope to repeat this with them all again soon bc it was so much fun! I am pretty sure the adults were having more fun than the kids too!

Charlie turned Aug.

So I am terrible and need to do some major catching up! My Charlie Brown turned 3 on Aug. 2 and he is just the most adorable 3-year-old to ever live! No really he is! Not potty trained, but will be SOON:) The days leading up to his birthday he would tell anyone who would listen that his birthday was two of was really sweet the way he said it:) He had friends and family come celebrate with cake and ice cream and he got some pretty sweet presents. Neena and Pappa got him a T-Ball set, Bert and Ash got him a set of water guns, Michelle got him a sweet pirate ship and Lego set, and he got some pretty nice duds from us and others. Thanks to all who celebrated with us! I am terrible and I can't find the pics from his birthday so I am going to post 3 pictures my amazing friend Mollie took while she was here visiting...she is amazing!

He was being so silly the whole time, but the pictures show his true personality so well!