Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too excited!

Nick loves to walk around the furniture and has been doing so for almost 3 months now. He also loves to stand without holding onto anything and try to walk. However, he gets so excited to make the big step he flaps his arms and falls over. It is pretty cute but also frustrating for him so I hope he walks soon...he just wants to be able to keep up with his big brother.

"Howdy Partner!"

Charlie likes to be many things, a bear, a dinosaur, a football player, a fighter, a monkey, and his latest favorite a COWBOY! He rides his horse around the house yelling "Ye Ha!" and then takes off his hat and says, "Howdy Partner!" How cute is that. I love this kid so much!

St. Patricks Day

For St Patricks Day I of course dressed me and the boys in green and Nick had this darling shirt from his Uncle Ry and Aunt Penny that said "lil Irish Hooligan". It is so cute, THANKS! We made corned beef and cabbage and sugar cookies...i know sugar cookies are not exactly Irish, but I made them cause they sounded good:) Here are a couple pictures of the boys. Charlie is showing off his yummy cookie and this is my messy Nick after he gnawed on one for a while:)

Can you get cuter than that?!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Neeco!

My Nick, AKA, Neeco is growing and changing so fast! He is walking all around the furniture, he finally has 3 of the 4 teeth that have been swollen for months, standing up and trying to take steps but he gets so excited he falls:) clapping, eating more solids, and is just such a joy in our lives. Here are a couple pictures of him. I tried to get his teeth but they are kinda hard to see. Also he is like all the other men in this house and loves to be naked so he spends a lot of time in just his diaper:)

Knock on wood....

Well for about the last three weeks its been...not fun at our house! My poor Nick got an ear infection, was teething, and got RSV all in one week. When he started to feel a little better it hit Charlie and me. I got a cold and Charlie brown got an ear infection. It had so much pressure it burst and stuff was oozing from him ear and he had a temp. of 103. When Charlie and I started to mend Jack got a cold and Nick got Bronchitis and another ear infection! Ahhhhhh! My dark circles under the eyes from 3 weeks of NO sleep are just starting to fade:) I hate when my babies are sick it is just so sad! However we are all healthy now...knock on wood...and hope we stay that way for a while!