Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Florida in September

Well the boys and I went to Florida in Sep. for about 2 weeks. Jack joined us for about 5 of those days and we had the time of our lives! Mike and Debbie were incredible to share their home with us for that long and the boys wanted to stay with them and just send Mom and Dad home at the end of the trip...they are beach babies for sure! We did so many fun things that I will just write about them all first then post about a million photos:) We went boating the first day to shell island and it was just beautiful. The kids loved collecting shells and sand dollars and Marlene, Barry, and their grand kids were just a blast to spend the day with! On the boat ride back to the house we had dolphins swimming right by the was incredible and the boys LOVED it.
We spent almost the entire time in a pool or in the ocean:) The boys were both a little timid at first about the pool but once they got comfortable there was absolutely no fear! Nick would literally run straight into the water without his float tube on and when one of us would fish him out of the water he was all smiles....Charlie loved his float tube though so we didn't scream when he would run right into the water:) I was even brave and swam in the ocean because I don't want my boys to have the fear of the ocean that I do. I love to look at, smell, and listen to the ocean but I am terrified of what lurks beneath the water!!! Thanks a lot "Jaws". The kids also loved marked sand castles and knocking them over. Pappy and Mimi were so amazing with the kids I wish we lived closer! Jack and I just relaxed and got some sun...PERFECT vacation in my mind.
Mike and Debbie also took us to Busch Gardens one day, the aquarium, and a zoo. All 3 of these places were just amazing. Christie and her sweet dog met us at a park one day too and the park was one of the best I have ever been too. The kids had so much fun. I was really excited this year too because I wasn't pregnant this time at Busch Gardens so I got to ride the coasters with Jack and they were so cool. However, there is one that is so high and fast I blacked out for a few sec. the first time we rode it.
Mike and Debbie we love you two so very much and appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for one of the best vacations I have ever been on!!!