Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm scared, frustrated, helpless...

worried, sleep deprived, grossed out, and lots of other things this past week! Charlie has always been a really good eater! He opens his mouth wide for bites and always eats everything we make for him. However this past week he would shake his head no at me when I tried to feed him and he would gag and throw everything up! And when I say everything people I mean EVERYTHING! Friday he didn't throw anything up and he had a pretty good appetite compared to what it had been the past few days, so when we were invited to go to dinner with our friends Sat. we did. Well as we were all finishing up our meals at the restaurant Charlie began to puke every where. I cupped my hands tried my best to just keep it on me and his blanket. The poor thing was puking so much he couldn't was even coming out his nose! I ran into the bathroom with him when he was done and Jack helped me clean up and get his clean jammies on:( I was so scared I just broke down in the bathroom! My friends were so sweet and helpful, thanks you guys so much for being so understanding! Here is a picture of the blanket to give you a small glimpse of how much puke I'm talking about.

After we dropped our friends off we took Charlie to the urgent care and the doctor checked him out and said he was perfectly healthy and sometimes kids just go through periods like this...WHAT THE..! Are you kidding me?! I guess because he is so happy right before and after it happens he didn't think it was acid reflux. Here is what he is like after he does this...

...happy and crawling around, go figure. There was no fever so it wasn't a virus, and he was having wet and messy diapers so no bowel obstruction. I guess the doctor knows what he is talking about and luckily yesterday and today Charlie is eating normal and keeping it down...KNOCK ON WOOD! Well I hope none of you have to go through this "period" in your child's life because I have not slept for about a week now and it is just not a fun clean up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. BIG Stuff!

Charlie has been pulling himself up to everything he can reach for the last 3 weeks or more and I got a little video of it that I thought I would post. It is not that long because my camera card was pretty full, but you can get the idea anyway. He is seriously not happy unless he is standing up to something, even if it glides back and forth...what a cutie pie:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bret and Ashlee's BIG day!

My brother Bret married his sweetheart Ashlee on Saturday March 7th. The temple ceremony was so nice and the reception was just beautiful! Torrie took the pictures for my brothers wedding and they turned out great! Here are a few....this one of them coming out of the temple is priceless! Congratulations you two we love you so much!

Look at all those beautiful girls! Then you hhave my little guy...the lone ranger:)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Last week the weather was so nice that Charlie and I finally got out of the house and did all kinds of fun things! We went for a walk in the stroller every day, had a fun picnic at the lake with our friends Erika, Jason, Lily, and Addilyn, worked in the yard, and fed the ducks:) Here are some pictures....

Can you say hello Mr. COOL!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mimi and Pappy!

Jack's Dad and step Mom Debbie came out from Florida to see little Charlie and we had a WONDERFUL time! Here are some fun pictures....

Debbie bought him the cutest outfits and the adorable jeff cap to match Pappy:) They played with him all weekend and we just had so much fun spending time with them. Thank you so much for coming out and for all the wonderful things you got for our little man, we loved seeing you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's a Mom to do?

So at 3:30 this morning I hear Charlie crying and he has been sick so I jump up and run in as fast as I can to make sure he is OK and this is what I see...

He has been pulling himself up to things for a couple weeks now, but this is a first for his crib...I guess it's time to raise the crib bar so he doesn't take a tumble over the edge! He is only 7 months old and so determined and independent...I am so nervous to see what the next couple months will bring:) I'm thinking this little man will be walking by nine months, and by walking I mean running and climbing!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charlie's first hair cut!

I'm sure many of you noticed the new hair style Charlie was sportin' in the family pictures. My Mom gave him his first official hair cut about 2 weeks ago. She has trimmed it twice before, but it was time to really take some length off. We got comments about how it looks like a comb-over, Donald Trump, old man, but the kicker was Hitler! I was nervous because he had so much cute hair that I didn't want to chop it off and have a bald baby, but I think he looks like a million bucks! Jack was even saying that looking back he looked a little silly with it that long and we should have cut it a long time ago! I would have to agree:) As soon as we cut it it looked three shades lighter and he turned into a little CUTE! Here are some pictures.

I think when all was said and done we took about 1 1/2 inches or so off.
P.S. If it looks like I am squeezing him pretty tight it's because....I AM! I don't know if any of you have ever taken a 7-month-old to get their hair cut, but it is not an easy task! Especially when this particular 7-month-old is the squirmiest baby that ever lived!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cute new family pictures!

So last Sunday my Mom had new family pictures taken. We were all here for my little brothers wedding so with a new addition soon we thought we better. Torie was the photographer for my brothers wedding, engagements, bridals, all that so we got her because she does an amazing job! If you need a great photographer check out her work at she is fun to work with and great with the kids:) Here are some of my favorites from the family session...

Don't I just have the cutest family ever! Thanks Torie the pictures are amazing! I can't wait to see the ones from Bret's wedding:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Before and After

I finally painted my living room about 3 weeks ago...yes we have lived in our home for almost a year, but at least it's done now:) It was a pale green before, which wasn't too bad, but the walls were so beat up it drove me crazy! So here is my new living room with a few added decorations as well.

Oh and thank you to my good friend Rachel for letting me borrow your saucer toy for Charlie. He loved it and it kept him from crawling into the wet walls:)